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Part# SS-DB25

(Surge Suppressor - DB25)

DB25 Female to DB25 Male - Serial Surge Suppressor

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Protect your serial devices from damaging transients and surges with the SS-DB25. User configurable for use with male or female DB25 ports, the SS-DB25 protects all 25 lines, plus D shell chassis. Convenient DB25 input and output connects directly to the protected port, obtaining a ground outlet from the computer chassis. Surge suppression is handled with balanced arrays of high-speed avalanche diodes that divert excess energies created by electrostatic discharges, faulty wiring or lightning away from network interface connections.
# of Ports 1
• Offers protection on all 25 data lines, plus D shell chassis
• Reversible for use with male or female captive DB25 ports
• Peak pulse clamping voltage - 18V. Max current 340 amps. Shunt capacity <30pF
Proudly Made in the USA
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