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Part# CA382

(Internal USB Device Cable)

Internal USB Cable for Sealevel 2mm Molex Connectors, 14 inch Length

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The CA382 is compatible with Sealevel iPorthole and SeaDAC Lite OEM products.

Both ends of the cable have a 1x4 2mm Molex connector for internal connections to Sealevel embedded USB products. The CA382 is 14 inches in length.

• Common USB pin out on box header connector (Red V+, Green USB+, White USB-, Black GND)
• Cable has two 28 AWG Data (green/white) conductors and two 24 AWG Power (red/black) conductors
• The cable is 14 in length
• Molex Item# 35507-0400 or equivalent
Internal USB Device Cable
Internal USB Device Cable


Internal USB Device Cable
Internal USB Device Cable


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