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Part# CA186

(DB9 Cable with Tinned Leads)

DB9 Female to Tinned Leads Cable, 72 inchLength - for 1104, 1105

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The CA186 is a 72 inch cable with a DB9 Female connector on one end and five tinned leads on the other end. The cable is designed as an easy interface to Sealevel 1104 and 1105 serial interface converters.

The red lead is tied to pin 3 (Tx) on the DB9 connector. The green lead is tied to pin 2 (Rx). The yellow lead is tied to pin 7 (RTS) and pin 8 (CTS). The black lead is tied to pin 5 (Ground) and pin 9 (RI). Internal to the DB9 connector, pin 1 (DCD), pin 4 (DTR) and pin 6 (DSR) are tied together. A tinned lead for the shield is also provided.
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