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Part# CA378

(DB78M to DB37F/DB37M Cable)

DB78 Male to (1) DB37 Female (Input) and (1) DB37 Male (Output) Cable, 1 Meter in Length - for 3093 Migration

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With ISA slots becoming harder to find, the CA378 is designed specifically for customers using the Sealevel 3093 ISA digital I/O board that need to upgrade to the 8004 PCI digital I/O board while preserving existing infrastructure wiring. The CA378 connects to the 8004 via the board's DB78F connector and provides DB37F and DB37M connectors with an identical pin out to the 3093 ISA digital I/O board. Use the CA378 cable in place of the standard 72 cable that ships with the 8004 and you have a drop-in replacement to the 3093 digital I/O board.

The CA378 is a one meter cable with a DB78 male connector breaking out to a DB37 female connector for inputs and a DB37 male connector for outputs. The DB78 connector includes thumbscrews and the two DB37 connectors provide threaded jack screws to secure all cable connections and prevent accidental cable disconnection.
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