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(CompactFlash Adapter)

PCMCIA to CompactFlash Type II Adapter

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The CF-PCMCIA adapter converts a Type I or Type II CompactFlash card to a Type II compatible PCMCIA card. Simply insert any CompactFlash card into the open frame of the adapter and insert it into your computer, laptop, or PDA. An integrated shutter mechanism protects the pins from being accidentally bent or broken. The CF-PCMCIA supports Sealevel CompactFlash serial interface cards as well as IBM MicroDrives, Bluetooth cards, Wireless LAN cards, GPS cards, CompactFlash memory cards, and more.
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• Type II 16-bit compliant PCMCIA adapter
• Supports Type I or Type II CompactFlash cards
• CompactFlash card retains complete functionality with no loss of performance or compatibility
• Passes through +3.3V/+5V from PCMCIA port
Proudly Made in the USA
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