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Sealevel Digital I/O Solutions

Sealevel digital I/O solutions make interfacing to the real world easy. Digital I/O solutions offer options for optically isolated inputs, Reed and Form C relay outputs, and TTL interface to industry standard solid-state relay racks. Whether you choose to connect via Ethernet, USB, PCI Express, PCI or PC/104, our software drivers and wide range of terminal blocks and cabling accessories simplify installation.
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Digital I/O

eI/O Ethernet & PoE Analog and Digital I/O Modules

eI/O Ethernet I/O modules are cost-effective and allow remote monitoring of analog and digital I/O from anywhere on your Ethernet network. A variety of I/O options include optically isolated inputs, Reed, Form C and solid-state relay outputs, and A/D inputs. Choose modules powered by your 9-30 VDC source or via the RJ45 connector with Power over Ethernet (802.3af) versions.
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PCI Express Digital I/O Boards

Sealevel PCI Express digital I/O boards are designed for computers with X1 PCI Express slots and are compatible with any PCI Express slot. Digital I/O boards are currently available with optically isolated inputs and Reed relay outputs. Optically isolated inputs protect the PC from voltage spikes common to industrial environments while Reed relay outputs provide reliable, long-life switch closures suitable for low current applications.
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SeaDAC & SeaLINK USB Digital I/O Modules

USB digital I/O modules connect to any computer's USB port and offer choices including optically isolated inputs, Reed and Form C relays, and TTL interface to industry standard solid-state relay racks. Robust software drivers make implementation and troubleshooting easy.
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iPortholes(tm) Embedded USB Digital I/O

Sealevel Porthole footprint allows easy mounting in a Relio industrial computer or custom enclosure. These models provide a low I/O count solution and are available with optically isolated inputs, Reed or Form C relay and TTL outputs. The Porthole design is perfect for expanding industrial computing platforms using only an internal USB connection.
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PCI Digital I/O Boards

Sealevel PCI digital I/O boards are available with optically isolated inputs and Reed relay outputs. For high-voltage requirements, TTL versions provide convenient connections to industry-standard solid-state relay racks. Sealevel low profile PCI digital I/O boards meet the requirement for the MD1 low profile specification and feature Universal Bus (3.3V and 5V) for compatibility with both new and legacy computer systems.
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PC/104 Digital I/O Modules

Designed to meet the core needs of PC/104 applications requiring high reliability, small size, and long-term availability, Sealevel PC/104 digital I/O modules offer easy installation and robust software support.
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ISA Digital I/O Boards

Sealevel is committed to offering long-term availability of all our products. We are proud to still offer legacy ISA digital I/O boards designed more than a decade ago.
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