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Part# TB07-KT

(Terminal Block)

Terminal Block Kit - 50 Pin Header (IDC Ribbon Cable) to Screw Terminals for Industry Standard TTL Solid State Relay Rack Cables

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The TB07-KT allows you to break out digital TTL signals, +5 volts, and ground to screw terminals for easy field connection of switches, discrete solid state relays, sensors, etc.The TB07 is designed to work with the Sealevel's 32-channel TTL PCI board (Item# 8010). The terminal block has four groups of eight screw terminals for interfacing eight bits on each of the four ports (A-D). Two four-position screw terminals interface +5V and Ground.

The TB07-KT is compatible with all Sealevel TTL devices that use a 50-pin ribbon cable. On 24, 48, and 96 channel TTL products, the 24-channel TTL signals are only available on the first three ports (A-C) on the terminal block. Port D can be used for connecting extra Grounds. The TB07-KT ships with a terminal block, a 6 piece of slotted Snap Track, and two DIN-rail mounting clips.
RoHS Compliant Yes
Dimensions 4.3" (W) x 2.8" (H)
  • • Compliant with RoHS and WEEE directives
  • • Terminal block has a 50-pin header connector that breaks out to four groups of 8-bit digital I/O
  • • Supports PIO adapter supplied power or external power via jumper
  • • Includes four screw terminals for breaking out +5VDC and four screw terminals for Ground
  • • Compatible with Sealevel 24, 32, 48, and 96 channel TTL devices
  • • LED confirms presence of PIO adapter supplied +5VDC
50-Pin IDC Ribbon Cable
50-Pin IDC Ribbon Cable


50-Pin IDC Ribbon Cable
50-Pin IDC Ribbon Cable


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