Author: Sealevel
Category: Computing

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Yes. In the past Sealevel installed the OEM version of Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Now when you order Windows XP, Sealevel will install Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems, including the latest service pack updates, on our industrial computers.

Not to be confused with Windows XP Embedded, Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems and the OEM version of Windows XP Professional are identical from a technical and operational standpoint. Drivers and applications are installed exactly the same on both operating systems. Windows updates operate the same on both versions, too.

The key differences between the two operating systems are the way Microsoft licenses the products. Due to the licensing changes announced by Microsoft back in 2009, Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems has the following characteristics:

  • Longer product life-cycle – Windows XP Professional for Embedded
    systems is available until at least 2016. The OEM version of Windows XP
    Professional went end of life in 2009.
  • You receive a license only – The license and certificate of authenticity is in the form of a decal applied to the computer chassis.
  • No media is included – A CD or hard-copy manual is not included with the system. However, online help is available and you have the ability to create a recovery CD (requires an internal or external recordable CD/DVD drive).

Order Windows XP from Sealevel and know that you will receive the best support in the industry. You can also order Windows Embedded, Windows CE, Linux and other operating systems. Call us for details.