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1 Does WinSSD support BERT patterns other than the 511-bit ITU standard sequence?

WinSSD currently only provides support for the 511-bit pattern defined in ITU document O.153 paragraph 2.1. This test pattern is common to many BERT applications. If you need other algorithms, contact Sealevel technical support for assistance.

2 What does BERT stand for?

BERT stands for Bit Error Rate Test. A BERT test provides information regarding the line quality of a serial communications link. A BERT test is included in the Sealevel WinSSD utility.

3 What pattern is used by the WinSSD BERT test?

WinSSD uses the 511-bit pseudo-random test pattern defined in the ITU document O.153 section 2.1. This pattern is one bit short of being 64-bytes long. The first bit of the second iteration of the pattern begins as the last missing bit of the previous pattern.…

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