Some Things Are More Important Than a Buck

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I’d like to commend the folks over at Google for how they have handled the security attacks on their operations in China. Attempting to steal Google IPs and gain access to the e-mail accounts of human rights activists indicates that these attacks were organized and malicious, rather than mischievous. The theme of the past decade seems to have been to overlook the human rights and environment in China and focus only on the revenue opportunities. I admire the position that Google has taken, both exposing the attacks and removing the censorship from their search engine in China.

Anyone who knows our company knows we put our money where our mouths are. When I say I commend and support Google, I mean it. A few years back, Al-Jazeera contacted Sealevel to purchase PCI digital I/O products for a broadcast control and automation application. Al-Jazeera has a global presence, and broadcast control is a strong vertical market for Sealevel. Despite these facts, and the associated revenue opportunities, I told them “thanks, but no thanks.” As long as Al-Jazeera broadcasts atrocities to American and NATO soldiers at the hands of terrorists, I have no intention of making a buck off them.

I believe South Carolina’s own Aaron Tippin wrote a country tune about an Alexander Hamilton quote, “those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.” In this age of political correctness, I commend our friends at Google for looking past the dollar signs and taking a strong position against the machine of China. The people of China deserve more, and I hope this is a step in that direction.