Celebrity Series: Flipping Your Wig for Conway Twitty

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I remember the day my sister flipped her wig for Conway Twitty.

My dad was a preacher so we were in church every time the doors opened. My sister, a friend and I decided we would leave after Sunday School and go to a country concert in Asheville, NC. We just knew when our dad found out we left church early, he was going to kill us. When you are a preacher’s kid, it doesn’t take long to learn it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Both my sister, Doris, and our friend, Evelyn, worked at Alice Manufacturing. They had both worked 96 hours that week, so my sister did not have time to get her hair done. Being the thoughtful sister that I am, I told her not to worry – I had a wig I would fix for her to wear! It looked great, but I failed to pin it on.

When we got to Asheville, there were snow flurries. The wind was blowing like crazy. It was so cold. Of course, we were dressed to the nines in our dresses and heels because we had just left church. We had met a promoter who told us to ask for him anytime we wanted to come to a show. We didn’t even need tickets. As we walked up to the side door at the coliseum to meet him, Doris’ wig blew off. It rolled down the street like a tumbleweed in an old cowboy movie. Some man chased after it and returned it to her. Doris tried to hand it to me, but I didn’t want it. After going to the bathroom to compose ourselves, we returned to the concert. We got the chance to tell Conway Twitty that my sister literally flipped her wig for him. Anyone familiar with Conway knows he was a very quiet man, but this is one time that he laughed out loud!