RECAB to Represent Nordic Countries in Sealevel’s SeaPARTNER Network

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After a recent search for new channel partners, Sealevel is pleased to welcome RECAB to our SeaPARTNER international network. RECAB, a leading provider of advanced computing solutions within the embedded market, was chosen to strengthen Sealevel’s presence in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Established in 1996, RECAB is a privately held company with offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The company enhances existing platforms and building blocks from global manufacturers to fit to a customer’s requirements. RECAB serves the industries of maritime and offshore, automation, defense, vehicle (land, air and maritime), emerging energy, medical and communications – all of which are core markets for Sealevel.

“RECAB is a perfect fit for Sealevel, having a large customer base and operating in all the markets where Sealevel thrive around the world.  RECAB offer value add services along with standard product distribution, and their highly skilled sales engineers will bring much knowledge to customer applications.” said James Priest, International Sales Manager for Sealevel.

Sealevel’s international partners, known as SeaPARTNERS, are part of an exclusive worldwide group who have earned the right to distribute Sealevel products. For their expertise and dedication, Sealevel guarantees top-quality products, full service support and online access to everything their partners need for success.

For more information, email James Priest, International Sales Manager, at or call +1 864-843-4343.