Burning Nova

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Back in the mid-60’s, I joined a local band. Soul music was the big thing around here (in addition to country). I played alto sax and getting together to practice and getting out and playing were both things I really loved. That band finally broke up as everyone went off to college and after that, I played in a number of rock bands. Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Cream and others changed the way I looked at music. By the early 70’s, I got an opportunity to play in a 40’s type dance band. At that point, I was 22 and just married. The extra income from playing once or twice a week sure helped.

My son, Charlie, got interested in playing guitar when he was in middle school. My wife and I bought him a used guitar and later, as he got older and still showed much promise, a pretty good Fender guitar. A few years ago, he got a chance to join a start-up band. They initially called the band Together By Death. The rhythm guitar player’s mother (who was also the singer’s aunt) died, and around the time of the funeral, they decided to form a band. Together with my son on lead guitar, they found a bass player and drummer. They played for a while with this five person setup. Unfortunately, the name Together By Death had such negative connotations that everyone thought it was a suicide pact or something, so they started going by TBD. They finally decided to completely change their name to something that more reflected their attitude and music type—Burning Nova was the result. As all startup businesses and bands do, they went through a transition period. The bass player decided to quit, so the rhythm player switched to bass, and they continued as a four piece band. They also transitioned through a couple of drummers.

The band is doing very well. They are traveling to the beach (usually either Myrtle Beach or Charleston areas) to play about once a month (Thursday thru Saturday) and play locally (Easley, Anderson, Clemson, Spartanburg) the other weeks of the month. They recently recorded a CD at Whitestone Studios (Edwin McCain’s studio in Greenville, SC) and are almost at the point of having to reorder.

While a lot of what they play is cover music (playing other people’s songs), they have written about 11 originals that they also play. This is a significant number considering the short time they have been together.

I really enjoyed that time of my life where I was involved with bands and to see the energy and creativity everyone in the band puts into it brings back so many good memories of my own. To say we are proud of their accomplishments would be an understatement.  I really hope they can continue to grow and gain popularity as time goes by.