Sealevel’s Custom Solutions for Your Toughest Problems

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Not unlike other companies, a typical Sealevel customer comes to us when shopping for a product to solve a particular problem that they have. Often we have a product that will fit their problem from our large product catalog, but sometimes the customer will have constraints that make the product a close fit, but not exactly what is needed. This is a challenge because as a company we would like to have a product in our catalog that will meet all of our customer’s needs, however, our customers are pretty inventive with their needs, so this is not possible. With most companies, this means that the customer would have to engage in a custom development effort in order to get a product to meet their specific requirements. From a business perspective, if a company does this type of development too much, it can quickly change the company’s business model to that of a design house developing solutions for specific customers and cause it to cease being a product company altogether.

Though we are a product company, Sealevel has adapted in such a way as to be able to meet the needs of a customer for a product that is more specialized than what we are currently offering while continuing to advance our standard product offerings. To achieve this we borrow techniques of reuse from software development methodologies and apply them to the development of hardware solutions.  We have designed many of our products with customer specific specialization in mind.  Our expertise includes the use of FPGA technology as well. This allows us specialize a product for a customer’s needs without the usual overhead of a custom development effort. Specializations range from crystal modifications for non-standard baud rates to the development of a completely private labeled industrial computers combined with or integrated with IO functionality from one of Sealevel’s other products.

The Sealevel difference is in that we partner with qualified customers to produce a solution that we manufacture and ship for our clients. As part of this partnering relationship, we will take a new product through any required customer compliance testing and maintain the product from issues of component obsolescence and perform adaptive maintenance on any required firmware and software for the life of the product. This form of relationship enables our customers to focus on their core business.