Automated Test Systems Improve Quality

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Shipping quality products is vital to every business.

Initial product failures – products that are dead on arrival – leave terrible impressions on customers. Furthermore, these failures can cause a chain reaction of subsequent issues as the customer’s own product delivery or project schedule is delayed until a replacement can be received. Reducing the chances of shipping a DOA product to a customer depends on many things including the product, the end application, and the intended operating environment.

As a leading supplier of I/O boards and modules, we get an up close view of many testing applications since items produced in quantity frequently utilize a computer automated test system to verify proper operation. Product testing often involves activating the products’ outputs and monitoring the resulting responses.

To automate this process, digital I/O interface products like our SeaI/O and our new eI/O modules prove extremely useful. For activating the product under test, these modules use relays or open-collector outputs, while optically isolated inputs typically monitor the results. Designed properly, an automated test system will identify problems that can be corrected before shipping and gives a high-level of confidence that a product that passes the test will work upon receipt.

Certain applications that require the utmost quality can benefit from a test system that employs environmental stress screening (ESS), which uses advanced techniques requiring vibration tables and/or thermal chambers to cycle products over extreme cold and heat while operating. The purpose is to precipitate latent failures that might otherwise not be detected. Examples of failures identifies by ESS are screws that are not tightened properly, cables that are not properly secured, and poor solder joints.

Sealevel has a large number of standard products that will work for test applications. Give us a call on your next application – we’d love to learn more about your specific requirements.