Office Annoyances: What’s Your Peeve?

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Whether it’s the loud-typing coworker or the person clipping his nails in the next cubicle, we all have something in the office that drives us crazy. In honor of Michael Scott’s departure from The Office, we give you our top 10 office-related pet peeves. Feel free to add your own peeves in the comments section. Don’t worry – you can leave them anonymously!

  1. The smell of burnt coffee.
  2. The smell of popcorn.
  3. Distractions! You try to focus on important tasks with looming deadlines, and a parachute project flies in that robs you of your attention.
  4. People who are disruptively loud.
  5. Ice cold AC! I have a tendency to freeze in the afternoons.
  6. Making weather announcements over the PA system!
  7. Leaving the caps off of pens.
  8. I hate when a third of a cup of coffee is left is the pot. Who does that? Take a minute to restart or set it up for the next person.
  9. Floating heads over cubicle walls…definitely! Everyone needs to come to an agreement to either raise the walls to 8ft. or lower them to 4ft. – either way, the floating heads MUST stop!!!
  10. People clipping their nails at their desk.