Sealevel Rocks Out

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If you know anything about Sealevel, chances are, you know we love music. Walk through the building and you’ll hear hip-hop, country, classic rock, and the best of 80s hair bands. Check out the list below to see what concerts rocked our worlds. Leave a message in the comments section and tell us about your all-time favorite concert. Better yet, send us a photo of your favorite concert, and we will post it on the Sealevel Community.

Charlie (Sales) – Three words: John…Cougar…Mellencamp! I had been working at Sealevel for about 8 months when me and 5 or 6 co-workers all drove up to Charlotte, NC in the summer of 1999 to hear “a little diddy about Jack & Diane”. One guy borrowed his parents’ minivan and we all piled in for the trip – of course, the concert was great, but the road trip and the timeless stories it has provided over the years have proven to be absolutely priceless.

Sarah (Marketing) – Dave Matthews Band is the best concert ever.  My brother, Ben, and I have seen them over 10 times and every time they jam it up and jam it out!

Brad (Production) – John Cougar! I’ve seen him twice. Dude ROCKS!

Jackie (Reception) – Karaoke night at Sue’s! There’s nothing like hearing your coworkers belt out Poison’s greatest hits!

Bryan C (Sales) – This is tough having attended TONS of concerts over the years. I’ve seen Phish 50-60+ times alone.  But as many times as I’ve seen Phish, the best concert I’ve seen has to be Pink Floyd in Clemson, SC on May 12, 1994. Words can’t describe that show! Although seeing Iron Maiden at Blossom Music Center in Cuyhoga Falls, OH on June 12, 2008 was pretty amazing too.

Amanda (Marketing) – I can’t pick just one concert. The Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis was pretty amazing. Three full days of food, music and tornados! In between storms, I got to see the Goo Goo Dolls, the B52s, Blues Traveler and Widespread Panic. Somehow we ended up on the front row for Vince Neil…that was an experience! Best of all, I found a new band that I love: Rock Sugar.

(Check out a video of Rock Sugar performing at the Beale St. Music Festival)

Wallace (Marketing) – Trans Siberian Orchestra. Their stage show is simply incredible. I’ve seen them the past three years and each year they one-up themselves. I’ll definitely go back to see them a 4th time.

James (Sales) – Oasis at the City of Manchester stadium.

Bryan B (Tech Support) – There are too many to list, but I would probably choose Metallica in San Diego or Paul Simon in Senegal.

Timmy (Production) – Motley Crue anytime! I like seeing Hells Angels and fifty year old women going crazy.