Out of This World

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Ever wanted to leap tall buildings in a single bound? What about wielding the Lasso of Truth?  Do you dream of being more than a sparkly vampire? Whether you use them for good or evil, having super powers would be a great addition to anyone’s skill set.

  • Ability to fly – A lot of Sealevel employees want to fly. Bryan C. (Sales) thought the view would be cool as he flies from place to place. Charlie seems to have thought about this a little too much:

I tend to lean toward the power of flight, but I would request confirmation in writing that I could fly in warp speed, like Superman, so that I could circle the globe and reverse the rotation of earth in order to go back in time as needed. Sure, that’s very specific, but I will not be granted the power of flight only to be forced to glide around like some lazy vulture hovering over a piece of road kill – no way, not me! I need speed and do-over ability.

  • Invisibility – Two-thirds of our Marketing Department would like to disappear. Amanda thought it would be great to escape for a little while. Wallace seems to think he’s already invisible some days.
  • Morphing/Shape-shifting – Jodi (Marketing) thought it would be great to change her body shape.
  • X-ray vision – Brad (Production) wants to look beyond the surface with his x-ray vision.
  • Mimicry – Bryan B. (Tech Support) went off the beaten path with his super power. Mimicry is the ability to copy or absorb another person’s power or skills. Pretty cool power, Bryan!
  • Mind-reading – Eric (Sales) wants to read your mind. Sounds like a great plan for helping customers.
  • Super health – James (International Sales) wants super health.

If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?