Gaming, Business or Entertainment: What’s Your Favorite App?

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Almost everyone has a smart phone these days, and you can bet that every smart phone owner has an app he/she can’t live without. We asked some of our co-workers to tell us about their favorite app. We heard a lot of answers, but it seems we like our phones for both work and play.

Bryan Buchanan (Technical Support) – It’s probably considered a bit boring for all the apps available, but my favorite is ‘The Weather Channel’ app. It provides current accurate weather conditions with great detail down to temperature (both high and low for your zip code), humidity, UV index and wind speed. The app offers hourly and 10-day forecasts for planning ahead, plus an animated weather radar. You can store multiple locations so that you can follow the forecasts in other favorite areas.

Eric Sikes (East Coast Sales) – MyRadar – It’s a weather radar app and extremely precise. Particularly good when you are on the lake!

Will Rostron (Technical Support) – I like Angry Birds. It keeps my kids occupied!

Charlie McKenzie (International Sales) – Words with Friends is the best app available for smart phones. It’s disguised as an interactive game of Scrabble amongst friends, but it’s more like head-to-head vocabularic combat. Through the use of calculated strategy and linguistic wizardry (Ooh, “wizardry” could be worth 129 points in an ideal placement), Words with Friends offers a stimulating way to kill some time during lunch, at the DMV or anywhere else within cell phone range.

Amanda Brock (Public Relations) – 7 Little Words is my new favorite app. Here’s how it works: There’s a box filled with 20 random letter combinations and 7 crossword-style clues. Using the random letters, I have to figure out the clue and then find the letters to spell the word. It’s like a crossword, word search and Scrabble all in one. I’ve been stuck on the same level for a few days. If anyone knows a nine-letter word for “spontaneously playful”, I’d love to hear it!

Bryan Cochran (West Coast Sales) – The Phish Phanatic app allows me to look at every setlist Phish has ever played since 1983.  It also updates in real time for the shows that I can’t attend, so that I’m able to follow the setlist as they are being played. I also like JamBase, which allows me to perform a search of any and all bands that are playing. I can search the entire United States or I can search regionally/locally.  It makes planning my weekends pretty easy when I’m not in front of a PC to look to see what band may be playing where.

Hunt Grogan (Test & Repair) – GTunes Music app is my favorite. I can download music whenever I want.

Wallace Krebs (Product Marketing) – My favorite app is Camera Awesome from Smug Mug. It contains essentially every feature you could want in a camera app. The camera section is very fast and has numerous settings. There are dozens of filters, textures, frames and the fun “Awesomizer” button for tweaking your captured image. Finally, it’s connected to the top photo sharing sites, including Facebook and Twitter. So many features packed into one creative app!

Dale Sanders (Production) – My favorite app is the flashlight app.  The app has different settings from standard flashlight to strobe light.

Jodi Caldwell (Marketing) – Zillow is a great tool if you are looking to buy or sell a home. It is not a site just for realtors to post on – anyone can list their home. While you are preparing your home for market, you can see photos of comparable homes to see what modifications you need to make for staging your home to be competitive. After you get your home set to sell, you can use Zillow to locate your future home without driving around or contacting a realtor to get a peak. You can simply view the photos of the house you are interested in and then decide if you want to take it to the next level of contact. The filter ability on Zillow is pretty sweet too. You can set a location for a certain neighborhood and set requirements from price range, bedroom/bathroom count, square footage and lot size.

Timmy Sanders (Production) – I would say my favorite app is the ESPN Radio app. I have a Blackberry, so this is possibly the only app I use. But I do use it every day to listen to all my sports news.  I love to keep up with all the latest sports news, and the app helps me do that.

Randy Barkley (Operations Director) – My favorite would be MyBizScan. It allows me to scan a business card and upload it to my contacts (at least in the paid version). Sometimes I have to clean up a file or add it to a different category, but overall, it’s a great time saver.