Sealevel Remembers Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

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On a trip to South Africa, several years ago, Tom and I visited Robben Island and the cell that President Mandela lived in for over 20 years. It was about 8′ x 8′ with a mat on the floor where he slept and a hole in the floor as his restroom. We were given this tour by a man that was also a prisoner with Mandela. His cell had a recorded message you listened to about his stay. His voice and story  brought forth so much emotion several people had to leave, including Tom. It was too painful.

It amazes me to think that this man, or any man, could survive those horrors and go on to be the incredible leader the world has witnessed him to be. As you know, he forgave his prison guards and all of his enemies. He even invited some of his white prison guards to his inauguration.

I believe there are angels and saints among us. I am not sure which Nelson Mandela was, but I am sure he was among the truly great people of our lifetime. Everything he believed and worked for was for the betterment of his people and all people. He had a faith in humankind most of us can’t understand.

With the Christmas holidays upon us, this is a season of hope, kindness, remembrance, charity, and love.  I hope you will all take a minute to remember President Mandela, the impact he had on his country and his people, and the message he sent out to the world.