Giving Back: Tell Us Your Stories!

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Here at Sealevel we believe giving back is very important and our founders have always been very generous when it comes to giving back to the local community. Giving back can come in many different ways—through your time, through your finances, or through your blood, sweat and tears! The Clemson Football program and Coach Dabo Swinney understand the importance of giving back. Last week the entire football team spent some time with Habitat for Humanity. Click here to read the story and watch the video.

This summer I had the chance to do some giving back of my own. I spent 14 days in Tanzania, Africa with a group called Young Life. For the first 5 days of the trip we were in Arusha, Tanzania working at the Young Life camp in that city. The campers are bused in from all over Tanzania and when they arrive at camp it is the most ridiculous thing ever. People are climbing on top of their buses, a wedding band is playing music, and people are dancing as we lead the bus along the dirt road to the center of camp. The people of Africa are full of life…and they love to dance. We served the campers meals, set up games, decorated the camp, played soccer, and cleaned up showers and toilets. Most of the Young Life staff from Arusha spoke decent English, but the campers could speak very little. Learning a few words of Swahili went a long ways in connecting with the kids! Although, there were plenty of other ways to connect…whether that was through sports, music, dancing, or just simple hand motions. Remember, a smile is a smile anywhere you are in the world.

Through business we are connected to thousands of different companies and people. We know there are some incredible stories of giving back that are out there and we want to hear about them. Please share your blog posts or stories with us in the comment section below!