3D Printers Make Their Way In To Pickens County Schools

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If you go to the website of Manufacturers Caring for Pickens County the first thing you will see is their mission – “…to reach out to our Pickens county community, to enhance, develop, and enrich our socioeconomic values and conditions to higher and higher levels.” MCPC has made it their mission to raise the standard in this county.

In order to keep the students and schools up to date with the latest technology MCPC has donated two 3D printers that will be used by middle school students. “MCPC is proud to play a role in exposing the future generation of engineers, scholar technicians and designers to real world solutions,” said Tom O’Hanlan, CEO of Sealevel Systems and MCPC Chairman. “3D printing is definitely the future and many of our member companies are already using it for prototyping parts.”

3D printing is here to stay and having these printers available to students is a big step in raising the standard in Pickens County. It is also important that we set our teachers up for success in the classroom and technology is a huge part today’s learning experience. If students, at an early age, can be taught creative thinking and problem solving specifically in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics then we are doing our job of preparing them for future success.

Getty’s Middle School will be the first school in Pickens County to use the 3D printers in the classroom. The students and teachers are very excited about this opportunity. If we can get students excited about going to school and excited about learning that is a huge win in our book.