911 Dispatch Console Computer

A leading supplier of communication systems for first responders contacted Sealevel to redesign the 911 dispatch computer used for secure voice to IP communications. An important goal of the new system was to handle the processing and I/O required by their application without the obsolescence issues inherent with their previous “white box” servers and off-the-shelf PCI bus audio cards.

Public Safety Communications

Several years ago, a world leading company in critical two-way wireless communications systems used by public safety and government organizations contracted Sealevel to design an ultra-reliable industrial computer to monitor and control remote broadcast sites nationwide. Sealevel responded with a solid-state system that included all the dense I/O required packaged in a compact 1U, rackmount enclosure. The customer was so satisfied with the operation and quality of over 1,500 units installed to date that they commissioned Sealevel to refresh the design and upgrade to a faster processor and more memory for compatibility with today’s information assurance software, which is required for new installations.

Radio Transmission Monitoring

Take a radio broadcasting company in search of a reliable, cost-effective solution for monitoring and control. Now, introduce them to Sealevel.