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Custom Solutions - Aircraft Test Interface
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A leading military contractor performing diagnostic testing and calibration functions on aircraft wanted to reduce the number of physical connections required for their test computer. The contractor was using a combination of Ethernet, serial and digital I/O interfaces between their test computer and aircraft transport rack (ATR). The contractor wanted to limit the costs associated with a custom design by leveraging as much off-the-shelf material and products as possible. The interface solution needed to mount in an existing 19" rack using the 2U (3.5") space available and have as few connections to the test computer as possible.

Sealevel customized a solution that reduced the connections to the test computer to one USB cable and one Ethernet cable. A standard 2U Relio industrial computer chassis houses off-the-shelf SeaI/O data acquisition modules and a common industrial Ethernet switch. The interface to the ATR is via a military-style 128-pin connector.

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Our core expertise with serial and digital I/O gives us an unmatched advantage to tackle difficult challenges and provide innovative solutions. In this example, we delivered a custom solution with off-the-shelf products that included our popular SeaI/O data acquisition modules. Call us to discuss how we can build a "custom" off-the-shelf solution for you.

Custom Solutions - Aircraft Test Interface

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