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Does Sealevel offer kits for customizing serial cables?
Reference Number: AA-00185 Views: 1944 Created: 12/09/2009 12:00 am Last Updated: 09/02/2016 05:35 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

Sealevel offers several accessories for interfacing many serial connections. The universal D-Shell Converter Kit (Item# DB101) includes DB9 and DB25 Male and Female connectors, D-sub hoods and wires. The DB101 makes it easy to build a custom gender adapter or convert a legacy pin out.

Sealevel offers a D-Shell Modular Adapter Kit (Item# DB102) that makes it easy to connect DB9 and DB25 serial connectors together using standard CAT5 cables. Preconfigured modular adapters are available for various pin outs. Other cable, adapter, and converter options are available on the Sealevel accessories webpage.

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