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How can I expand the digital I/O in my APC NetBotz appliance?
Reference Number: AA-00450 Views: 4245 Created: 06/17/2010 05:31 pm Last Updated: 09/02/2016 05:28 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

Sealevel SeaI/O devices offer flexible I/O expansion to APC Netbotz remote environmental monitoring equipment. All APC NetBotz appliances that have a USB port support SeaI/O 450U and 462U modules to expand the amount of digital I/O. SeaI/O 450U modules provide 16 Form C relay outputs useful for locking doors, turning lights on or off, and other relay controlled actions. SeaI/O 462U modules provide 96 channels of TTL digital I/O useful for monitoring a large number of dry contact sensors. APC has developed a useful application note (download link below) with more information on using SeaI/O modules with your APC NetBotz appliance.

Using Sealevel Systems Equipment with APC NetBotz Appliances 0.2 Mb Download File
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