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How to integrate the 2107 USB to serial adapter into your RS-485 network
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The 2107 is designed for two-wire (half duplex) RS-485 applications and provides reduced wiring costs and protection against EMI and other induced line noise.

2107 TB34 Application Example

To integrate the 2107 with your RS-485 network, start by installing the 2107 per the instructions in the user manual. Since termination and biasing are always present on the 2107, it can be placed at either end of your RS-485 network. Detach the included removable terminal block adapter (TB34) from the 2107. Wire the terminal block on the TB34 as noted in the table.

2107 Pin Out Table

Connect the TB34 to the 2107's DB9M connector and secure the thumbscrews. Your 2107 is now ready to communicate with other RS-485 devices at data rates up to 921.6K bps.

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