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1 Can I use my FedEx or UPS account number when I place a web order?

Yes. Please include your account number in the 'Special Instructions' field and we will bill the freight charges to your account. The 'Special Instructions' field is found on the 'Shipping Method' screen of the checkout process.

2 Can Sealevel modify an existing product or design a new custom product?

Absolutely. In fact, modifications and customizations are a significant part of our business. We have provided modified and customized products for projects involving NASA, Department of Defense, IBM, Raytheon, and numerous others. Our capabilities span the…

3 How do I arrange for a product to be repaired and how long do repairs typically take?

The first step is to request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Call our main number at 864.843.4343 and press 3 for Technical Support. You will be transferred directly to a Technical Support Specialist who will ask about your situation in…

4 How do I contact Sealevel Systems?

Telephone Switchboard Operator: 864.843.4343 Fax Main fax: 864.843.3067 E-mail Sales: Technical Support: Mailing Address Sealevel Systems, Inc PO Box 830 Liberty, SC 29657 USA Physical Shipping Address Sealevel Systems,…

5 How do I create a 'silent install' for a Sealevel software driver in Microsoft Windows?

Using these steps, a user can create a 'silent install' for any Sealevel software driver for Microsoft Windows operating systems. All steps are run in a command prompt (Start -> Run -> CMD [Enter]): 1) Create a directory on the c: drive called ‘silent’…

6 How long is the warranty on Sealevel products?

A lifetime on all Sealevel manufactured I/O products. It's very simple: we're proud of our products and we value our customers. To us, that settles the issue; we'll stand behind our quality and our customers ... for a lifetime. Learn more about our Lifetime…

7 I have a Sealevel product, but can't find the part number on your website. Do you still carry this product?

It is very likely that we still offer the product as a limited support item. Call your Sales Rep at 864.843.4343 or email

8 What are office hours and holiday schedules for Sealevel Systems?

Normal Office Hours Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 6:00PM US Eastern Time. Sealevel observes the following US holidays and is typically closed for business on these days: Holiday Date New Years Day January 1st Good Friday Friday before Easter Sunday Memorial…

9 What is Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and how does it improve Sealevel product quality?

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is an inspection technology used in the printed circuit board manufacturing process. AOI equipment is positioned near the end of the assembly line and one or more cameras scan for various defects that can occur during the…

10 What is the correct procedure for installing a Sealevel product?

Always install the software before the hardware. Refer to the product manual to determine the correct hardware installation procedures.

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