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Term Description
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange - An 8-bit binary code that represents characters and symbols in the Roman (English) alphabet. ASCII includes codes that controlled older communication devices, thus the CRTL key on computer keyboards.
Asynchronous In serial communications, refers to the transmission of data without an encoded or shared clock signal.
Baud (Symbol: Bd) An SI unit of measure named after Emile Baudot. Synonymous with Baud Rate. See: Baud Rate
Baud Rate The number of symbols or pulses that are transmitted per second. See: Baud
Baud Rate Generator An internal circuit (on Zilog Z8523x ESCC, Zilog Z16C32 IUSC, etc.) that divides an external oscillator by an integer value to produce a clock that is used to generate or decode a synchronous serial data stream. Abbreviated BRG.
BCD Binary-Coded Decimal - The encoding of decimal numbers as four-bit binary values from 00002 for 0, to 10012 for 9. BCD uses only 10 of the 16 4-bit combinations.
BERT Acronym for Bit Error Rate Test. A utility that transmits a known bit pattern and compares it to the bit pattern received to determine if any bits were changed. The Sealevel WinSSD utility includes a BERT that is useful for verifying the operation and performance of a serial port.
Binary A numbering system that allows for only two states, usually 1 and 0.
Bit The most basic unit of information or data in computing or serial communications. Bit is a contraction of 'binary digit' and is denoted by the numerical digits 0 or 1.
Bit Wise An operation, usually between two bytes or words, in which corresponding bits take part in an operation.
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