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Term Description
Nibble In computing or serial communications, a nibble designates four binary digits, or half an Octet. Also corresponds to a single hexadecimal digit and referred to as a Hex Digit. Sometimes spelled ‘Nybble’.
Non Buffered An unbuffered signal that should not drive more than a few inputs within its logic family. See: Buffered.
NOR Gate A circuit that performs a NOT-OR operation based on the state of its inputs. This gate performs an OR operation and inverts (NOTs) its output.
Normally Closed (NC). Relay or switch contacts that normally form a complete low-resistance path for current flow. In an unenergized relay, a set of closed contacts.
Normally Open (NO). Relay or switch contacts that normally do not make contact. In an unenergized relay, a set of open contacts.
NPN A type of transistor often used as an on-off switch in electronic devices. An NPN switch usually sinks current from a higher potential through a device to ground.
Nybble See Nibble.
Octet In computing or serial communications, an octet designates eight binary digits of data. Standardized as a unit of information by IEC 80000-13. See also: Byte.
Open Collector A logic device or sensor that provides an output transistor with an unconnected collector. When turned on, this transistor sinks current to ground, but it cannot source any current. An open-collector output usually serves as a switch to ground.
Optical Coupler See: Opto Coupler
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