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Term Description
Optical Isolation The use of a light path to transfer a signal from a transmitter, usually a light emitting diode (LED), to a receiver, usually a phototransistor. This technique provides electrical isolation as a signal passes from one circuit to another.
Optical Isolator See: Opto Coupler
Opto Coupler A device that uses light emissions to cause an isolated output stage to turn on. This device allows detection and sensing of potentially dangerous or high voltage signals, while providing isolation and protection to the circuitry sensing them.
Opto Isolator See: Opto Coupler
OR Gate A circuit that performs an OR operation based on the state of its inputs.
Overload Protection The capability to protect a circuit when current exceeds a predetermined value. Devices such as fuses or circuit breakers automatically disconnect a load when they sense an overcurrent.
PCB Printed Circuit Board.
PEG Acronym for PCI Express Graphics. A PCI-SIG standard port definition for computer graphics adapters.
PNP A type of transistor often used as an on-off switch in electronic devices. A PNP switch usually sources current from a positive supply to a device at a lower potential.
PoE Acronym for Power over Ethernet. The technology for transmitting electrical power and data on the same Ethernet cable. Governed by IEEE 802.3 standards, which specify the maximum power allowed for connected devices.
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