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Term Description
RFI Radio Frequency Interference - Unwanted high-frequency signals, often generated by switching circuits, power supplies, computer cables, and oscillators. RFI may interfere with the proper operation of other circuits.
RTD Resistance Temperature Detector - A stable, linear temperature detector that provides a varying resistance in direct proportion to temperature changes.
SDP Acronym for Standard Downstream Port. Refers to a traditional USB port that supports data transfer capabilities while providing a minimum of 100mA and a maximum of 500mA @ 5V DC to connected USB devices.
SDVO Acronym for Serial Digital Video Output. A proprietary Intel technology that additional video signals over a PCI Express slot that contains an Intel 9xx-series chipset.
Sensor A device that monitors or measures phenomena such as temperature, pressure, light intensity, weight, conductivity, and so on. Sensors may provide digital or analog output proportional to the phenomenon measured.
serenum.sys A top level filter that enables plug-and-play functionality for serial ports in Microsoft Windows by automatically determining the type of serial device connected. When the serial port enumerator (serenum.sys) loads, it probes the serial port by toggling RTS and DTR while monitoring the incoming data to determine the device type.
SI Unit From the French Système international d'unités. The International System of Units, abbreviated SI, defines seven base units of measurement involving the number ten and is commonly referred to as the metric system. The seven base units are ampere, candela, kelvin, kilogram, meter, mole, and second.
Silent Install A software installation that does not display dialog windows or system messages during the installation progress. Also referred to as an unattended installation.
Sink The ability to allow current to flow through the circuit, usually to ground.
Snubber A circuit that suppresses inductive "kickback" that may result when inductive loads switch off. Unless snubbed, the kickback voltage can harm the device that drives the load. See: Suppression Diode.
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