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Term Description
Telnet Abbreviated from Teletype Network. A networked terminal emulation protocol that provides transparent remote access to a server or device as though it were a local hardwired connection.
Thermocouple A temperature transducer made of two dissimilar metals welded together at one point to form a junction that, when heated in a complete circuit, generates a small voltage proportional to the junction temperature.
Three State An output from a logic device that can exist in one of three states; logic 0, logic 1, or a high-impedance (disconnected) state. This latter state allows multiple outputs to connect to one signal, effectively providing a "bus" that many signals can share. Three-state devices will provide an output-enable signal that either connects logic signals to the device’s outputs, or places the outputs in a high-impedance state. (National Semiconductor owns the trademark, "tristate™", although the term finds common use among designers.)
Transparent Latch A latch that passes signals from its inputs to its outputs as long as its Enable signal remains active—usually logic 1. When the Enable signal changes to its inactive state—usually a logic 0—the latch closes and then the outputs remain as they were when the Enable signal changed from logic 1 to logic 0. In effect, this IC acts like a small memory.
Triac A semiconductor switch that can control devices powered by AC current.
Truth Table A table that shows all possible input and output conditions for a logic element such as a gate or flip-flop. This table may show binary states as well as clock and signal transitions.
TTL Transistor-Transistor-Logic - The type of circuit used in the popular 7400 logic-device families.
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter - the chip that enables serial communications between the COM port and other serial devices.
VA Volt-Ampere - The unit of apparent power in an AC circuit containing capacitive or inductive reactance. The apparent power is the product of source voltage and current.
VCC The symbol for the positive supply voltage in a circuit. Also noted as Vcc.
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