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Term Description
VGA Acronym for Video Graphics Array. 1) An analog video display standard. 2) A DB-15 video connector. 3) An analog video resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.
Volt The unit of potential difference or electromotive force, abbreviated V. One volt represents the potential difference needed to produce one ampere of current through a resistance of one ohm.
Volt-Ampere The unit of apparent power in an AC circuit containing capacitive or inductive reactance. The apparent power is the product of source voltage and current. Abbreviated VA.
Voltage The term used to designate electrical potential that causes current to flow.
Watt The unit of electrical power required to do work at the rate of one joule per second. One watt of power is expended when one ampere of direct current flows through a resistance of one ohm. Abbreviated W.
Wet Contact 1. Mercury-wetted contacts in sealed reed relays. When the contacts meet, the surface tension of the mercury draws the contacts together and forms a low-resistance path for low-level signals. In effect, the small amount of mercury ensures low-resistance contacts for low-level signals that don’t clean the contacts. 2. Contacts through which current flows. See: Dry Contact.
Zero Crossing Detector A circuit that detects when an AC voltage signal has reached zero volts. Switching a circuit at this time reduces inrush currents and minimizes any EMI or RFI produced during switching.
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