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Term Description
Blocking Diode A diode, also called an isolation diode, that stops, or blocks, current from flowing through a circuit. Typically used in a battery circuit to prevent the reverse biasing of a battery by a more positive power supply.
Boolean Logic A form of mathematics named after George Boole (1815-1864) who devised formal expressions for AND, OR, and INVERT operations.
BRG Baud Rate Generator
Buffer An output device that operates high-current or high-voltage devices. Some manufacturers produce drivers specifically to control devices such as stepper motors or displays. See: Driver.
Buffered A signal that has passed through a buffer. See: Buffer.
Bus A group of related electrical signals. 1. A control bus, an address, bus, a data bus, and so on. Some buses carry specific names, such as PCI Bus and Universal Serial Bus (USB). 2. A group of conductors that distribute power.
Byte Acronym for Binary Term. In computing or serial communications, a byte of data describes a single character unit. Commonly confused with Octet to describe an 8-bit block of data. See Octet.
Capacitor An electronic component that stores a charge and provides a reserve of power in a circuit. Typically used to smooth variations in a power-supply’s output voltage, and to provide power in the event of brief power failures.
Carry Current The amount of current a relay’s contacts can safely conduct after the contacts close.
CDP Acronym for Charging Downstream Port. Refers to a USB port defined in the Battery Charging Specification (BC v1.2) that supports data transfer as well as a minimum of 100mA and a maximum of 1.5A @ 5V DC to connected USB devices.
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