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Term Description
Dry Contact 1. Metallic contacts in a relay or switch that mechanically touch to make a contact. 2. Contacts through which no current flows. See: Wet Contact.
DTE Data Terminal Equipment. A communication device that generates or receives data. In serial communication, the DTE device is generally a computer or host. See also DCE.
DVI Acronym for Digital Visual Interface. The DVI was developed to provide a digital video transmission method to replace the analog VGA interface.
Earth Ground The ground point in a system that provides the lowest voltage-reference point, or "earth." An earth ground usually connects to a power-line ground, a ground rod, or in some cases, cold-water plumbing. An earth ground should not carry current.
EMI Electro Magnetic Interference - Energy induced into a circuit by radiated emissions. EMI may cause unpredictable results. See: RFI.
Endspan A network switch (PSE) that provides power to PoE-powered devices. See: PoE, PSE, Midspan
Energize To provide power to a device or circuit. Typically to power a relay coil, thus forcing it to change the state of its contacts.
Excitation Voltage A voltage that powers a sensor or transducer.
FIFO An acronym for First In, First Out. Describes the order data is manipulated in a buffer.
Flag 1. An electronic device, usually with two possible states, that signals an external event to a computer. 2. An internal CPU indicator that signals a condition such as register overflow or error. Sensed with software.
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