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Term Description
Flip Flop A bistable logic circuit that changes state due to an input event, generally a clock or pulse signal. A flip-flop remains in that state until the next input event causes it to "flip" or "flop" to its other state.
Floating Ground An isolated Ground reference point that is not connected to Earth Ground. A battery is an example of a power source with a floating ground.
Floating Signal An analog signal that has an isolated Ground reference point instead of an Earth Ground reference point. Examples include outputs from transformers, thermistors, battery-powered devices and optical isolators.
Form A Form-A Relay - A relay that supplies normally-open (NO) SPST contacts.
Form B Form-B Relay - A relay that supplies normally-closed (NC) SPST contacts.
Form C Form-C Relay - A relay that supplies normally-open and normally-closed SPDT contacts.
Full Duplex Refers to the simultaneous transmission of data in two directions, each over a discrete signal path. In RS-485 networks, commonly called four-wire communication.
Gate A logic device that performs Boolean-logic operations.
Gated A signal that is enabled, allowed to operate, or allowed to pass through a circuit depending on the state of a separate logic condition or signal.
GPS An acronym for Global Positioning System. Uses an array of orbiting satellites to provide accurate navigation around the world.
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