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Term Description
Ground A zero-volt reference point in a system. Provides the reference for all other voltages.
Half Duplex Refers to the transmission of data in one direction at a time, typically over the same signal path. In RS-485 networks, commonly called two-wire communication.
HDMI Acronym for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. A compact audio/video interface for transmitting a video signal, up to eight audio channels, a consumer-electronics control signal, and an Ethernet data connection.
Hex Digit Contraction of hexadecimal digit. The term specifies four bits, or half an Octet. See Nibble.
Hexit Slang term for Hexadecimal Digit. The term specifies four bits, or half an Octet. See Nibble.
High Impedance 1. A high resistance that reduces current flow. 2. A third state in special logic devices that "disconnects" them from a bus.
High Side Switch A switch that makes a connection directly to power at a higher voltage than that at the controlled load.
I/O Input/output, as in I/O port. See: Port.
Impedance Similar to resistance, an impedance represents the total opposition to the flow of current offered by a circuit. Impedance equals the vector sum of resistance and reactance, which is the complex resistance resulting from inductance and capacitance, not just pure resistance. Measured in ohms, and given the symbol, Z.
Inrush Current A large charging current that flows into a capacitor or circuit when power is first applied.
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