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Term Description
Interposing Relay A relay that isolates the circuit driving it, and switches a higher current or voltage than the driving circuit could provide. See: Relay.
Inverter A logic device that complements the logic state of its input. See: Complement.
ISA Industry Standard Architecture. An 8-bit or 16-bit communication bus standard developed to provide expansion slots on motherboards of IBM compatible computers.
Isolation A condition that separates circuits so no current can flow between them. Special devices such as opto-couplers provide a signal path between two circuits, but without current flow between them.
Latch A logic circuit that takes a "snapshot" of information and saves it. Latches operate using an edge-triggered or a level-triggered control signal.
LED Light-Emitting Diode. A diode that emits light when current passes through it (forward biased). LEDs provide white light as well as most colors. LEDs usually require an external current-limiting resistor.
Logic Ground A ground-reference point in a circuit for all logic signals. Usually kept separate from other grounds in a system due to noise concerns.
Logical AND A Boolean-logic operation that produces a true output only when all the function or circuit inputs exist in the true state.
Logical NOT The equivalent of an inversion operation, usually applied as part of another logic element or operation. See: Inverter.
Logical OR A Boolean-logic operation that produces a false output only when all the function or circuit inputs exist in the false state.
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