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Term Description
Low Impedance A low-resistance circuit that usually requires high current to drive it, as opposed to a high-impedance circuit.
Low Side Switch A switch that makes a connection directly to ground.
LVDS Acronym for Low Voltage, Differential Signaling. A low power, high-speed differential signaling system primarily used to transmit video, but can be used for transmitting other forms of data.
Manchester Encoding A method of encoding serial data that always produces a transition at the center of the bit cell. If the transition is Low to High, the bit is 0. If the transition is High to Low, the bit is 1. Also referred to as split phase or bi-phase level encoding.
Mask Byte A combination of 1’s and 0’s used in a bit-wise logical operation to set or clear individual bits. Masks can exist as any integer value, such as byte, word, long word, and so on.
mf.sys The Multifunction Enumerator is a driver component of Microsoft Windows. The mf.sys driver handles the PnP and enumeration functions for multifunction devices such as Sealevel multiport serial adapters.
Midspan A PSE device that sits between a non-PoE switch or hub and a PoE-powered device. A midspan is typically an external PoE injector. See: PoE, PSE, Endspan
Nagle's algorithm Reduces the number of network packets required to transmit a block of data by buffering the network MTU (up to 1500 bytes of data) or waiting up to 200 msec. When either condition is met, it sends the buffered data in one Ethernet packet. Also referred to as "nagling" and detailed by John Nagle in RFC 896.
NAND Gate A circuit that performs a NOT-AND operation based on the state of its inputs. This gate performs an AND operation and inverts (NOTs) its output.
Negative Logic A notation that indicates a logic 0 represents the active state for a signal.
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