October 2007 - Issue 6 Vol. 10

What John Lennon song was placed on the inappropriate “graylist” by a radio media company after 9/11, but became a popular song of hope as it circulated the web choreographed with 9/11 images?

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What female artist sang backup with Hoyt Axton's band, then gained solo fame covering a Neil Young song?

Nicolette Larson


What happens if your
USB cable is accidentally
unplugged? We have
good news...

A Single USB Connection Controls 32 Channels of TTL Digital I/O

Use the SeaDAC Lite 8126 to address 32 channels of buffered drive TTL digital I/O using a single USB connection.
• Each 8-bit port configurable as input or output
• Industry standard 50-pin solid-state relay rack connector

• Powered by USB connection
• Incorporates SeaLATCH™ USB port that prevents accidental cable disconnection
• Also available in iPorthole™ and OEM versions


Sealevel Is the USB Instrument Connection, as Seen at the ISA Tradeshow in Houston
There was a lot of interest in our USB products at our ISA tradeshow booth. Sealevel offers a wide range of expandable USB products including:
• Serial, Digital & Analog I/O
• SeaI/O can connect up to 247 I/O modules via a single host connection
• Optically isolated USB hub protects PC
• SeaLATCH™ for secure USB connections

Tech Lowdown
What is "serial tunneling"?
Serial tunneling is a bidirectional communication method that Ethernet-enables serial devices. This allows asynchronous serial devices to communicate over an Ethernet network without requiring costly changes to application programs or device firmware. Barcode scanners, RFID readers, scales, sensors, and hundreds of other serial devices can be located remotely on the network, yet communicate with a host serial device as though they were directly connected to a local serial port. You can achieve serial tunneling with two Sealevel Ethernet Serial Servers paired together by configuring their IP addresses, thus creating an active network connection. When one serial server receives serial data, it initiates a connection, converts the data into network packets and transmits the data to the other serial server. Sealevel’s family of Ethernet Serial Servers (running firmware v2.2 or greater) support Serial Tunneling. View Sealevel Ethernet serial servers…

Industrial Computer – Relio™ 1000 Series
Enjoy the processing power of a desktop computer, and mount virtually anywhere
• Relio R1300 (Item# R1300)
• Compact, rugged metal enclosure
• Powered by a 500MHz AMD Geode LX800 CPU
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USB Digital I/O
Add 8 isolated inputs/ 8 high-current Form C relay outputs via USB connection
• SeaI/O-520U (Item# 520U)
• Isolated inputs can range from 5-30VDC
• Form C relays can switch up to 6A loads at 250VAC and 100VDC
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Ethernet Serial I/O
Connect RS-422 or RS-485 serial devices to your Ethernet network
• SeaLINK+4.422 (Item# 4402)
• Standard serial operating calls guarantee compatibility with legacy serial devices and software
• Serial ports appear as virtual COM ports to the host machine
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USB Serial I/O
Configure the single port for RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 via dip switches accessible through the case
• SeaLINK+I.DIN (Item# 2113)
• Optical isolation protects the host from damaging surges and ground loops
• DIN rail ready
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Low Profile PCI Serial Interface
Utilize this single-port PCI card for data intensive applications
• SIO-485.LPCI (Item# 7107)
• Provides +5V or +12V DC over pin 9
• 16C950 UART supports 9-bit protocols and isochronous mode  
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