Monitor, control and improve real-world processes.

Sealevel announces the release of SeaCloud 2.0, the latest version of our secure, robust, Industrial Internet of Things software platform. 

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Thrives in rugged environments. Lives to test limits.

Yes, this is a tardigrade. And it’s also every product Sealevel designs and manufactures. Resilient. Reliable. Up for the challenge.

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We Put the I/O in IoT™

Custom IoT hardware and private-labeled cloud software that allow you to monitor and control real-world processes.

Join the IIoT Revolution

World-Class; American Made

From the smallest components to the most extensive projects, we address every opportunity with excellence and dedication to detail. You can find our products setting new standards from 911 call centers to outer space.

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Big Picture Thinking

Whether your assets work in the most extreme environments or stay at a desk, we’ve got you covered. Sealevel engineers design computing solutions that excel across industries.


We've exceeded the expectations of
every major US and Allied nations military contractor.
We'll do the same for you.


What’s your flavor?
Oil, gas, electrical, solar, wind?
We’ve got the scoop on energy.

Industrial Automation

We didn't invent
industrial automation.
But we might as well have.


How many senses would a sensor sense
if a sensor was powered by Sealevel?
All of them.

Public Safety

Connectivity solutions
where they matter most.
Is fast fast enough?

Smart Cities

Lights. Cars. Cities.
They're all getting smarter.
Shouldn't you?


Ready to go further with your
transportation solutions?
We are.

Creative Doers, Serious Business.

Welcome to Sealevel Systems, Inc.

Since 1986, we’ve brought control to the user with our innovative I/O solutions that enable computer connectivity. As our product families expand, responsive thinking and creative development continue to drive our company. From engineering design to production and support, Sealevel ensures client satisfaction with precision-made technology and high-quality services.

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Featured Products

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LTE Cellular to 2 Form C Relays, 4 Digital Inputs, 2 A/D Inputs and 1-Wire Bus, SeaConnect Multifunction I/O Edge Module, Powered by SeaCloud
Configurable Relio R1 Industrial Computer
SeaCloud Subscription for Cellular & Wi-Fi SeaConnect Devices, Includes LTE Cellular 25MB Data Plan (Monthly)

Latest News & Insights

November 10, 2020 — Sealevel Products

Meeting & Exceeding Standards: Atmospheric Conditions

Under MIL-STD-801G atmospheric testing evaluates a device’s ability to withstand shock, radiation and acidity found in various conditions. Low Pressure (Altitude) Storage/Air Transport: For equipment…

November 5, 2020 — Sealevel Products

Meeting & Exceeding Standards: Environmental Contaminants

Previously, we reviewed water resistance and temperature testing in military standard MIL-STD-810G for environmental engineering. Further testing evaluates a device’s ability to withstand contaminants found…