New Family of Fanless Industrial Computers with Industry-Leading I/O & Performance

April 16, 2024

Sealevel Systems announces a new family of computers, the Flexio Fanless Industrial Embedded Computers. Fueled by a Quad-core Intel Atom or Core processor, Flexio computers are intentionally designed to provide power, connectivity, and performance. This combination makes the Flexio an ideal controller for automation, point-of-sale, test and measurement, medical, and security applications.

“Our team could not be more excited to introduce customers to the new Flexio line of computers. Sealevel is established as the leading computer provider for critical communications in extreme environments – and extreme rugged. We’re thrilled to deliver that same level of intentional design and superior quality in flexible, more affordable computers for industrial automation and control,” said Earle Foster, Sr VP of Sales for Sealevel.

Fanless Design & Unmatched Reliability
With support for DIN rail or VESA mounting, the Flexio Fanless Industrial Embedded Computer is designed for easy installation in existing frameworks and for new system integrations as well. The Flexio features a solid-state design for an extended lifespan, diminished opportunities for failure, and quiet operation. With a rugged enclosure and carefully defined tolerances through analytics and statistical performance modeling, the Flexio has fully optimized thermal transfer.

Flexible I/O Configurability
With flexible connectivity designed by the leader in I/O engineering, the Flexio Fanless Industrial Embedded Computer combines industrial processing with application-specific I/O to meet requirements. The Atom base system I/O includes (1) RS-232/422/485 software configurable serial port, (1) RS-232 serial port, (2) USB 3.1 ports, (2) Gigabit Ethernet ports, (1) DP++ port, and (1) VGA port. The Core base system I/O includes (4) RS-232/422/485 software configurable serial ports, (3) USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, (1) USB Type-C port (capable of DisplayPort, (1) Gigabit Ethernet port, (1) 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port, (1) DisplayPort, and (1) HDMI port.
Flexio computers offer I/O configurations for a variety of USB to serial, USB to digital, and USB to analog-based control systems:
USB to 2-Port RS-232, RS-422, RS-485
(2) DE9 Ports
Software Selectable Interface
USB to 4 Optically Isolated Inputs/4 Form C Relay Outputs
(4) Optically Isolated, Dry Contact Inputs
(4) SPDT Form C Relay Outputs
USB to 8 A/D, 2 Optically Isolated Inputs, and 2 Solid-State Relay Outputs
(8) 12-bit Single-Ended, or (4) Differential Inputs
(2) Optically Isolated Inputs
(2) SPST Form A Solid-State Relay Outputs
4-Port USB 2.0 Hub
(4) Downstream USB Ports (1 CDP and 3 SDP)
CDP Supplies Up to 1.5A to a Connected Device
SDP Supply Up to 500mA to Each Connected Device
With the latest industrial processors from Intel, the Flexio is ready for deployment with support for Windows 11, Windows 10 IoT 2021 LTSC, and Ubuntu Linux. Flexio Fanless Industrial Embedded Computers start at $850 and are available from stock. For more information about Flexio computers, as well as Sealevel’s custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities, visit or call +1 864.843.4343.