From automotive testing, to manufacturing solutions, to charging stations, to smart locomotive management hardware, to mobile ticketing solutions, to vision systems for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Sealevel's engineering and manufacturing teams can develop a solution anywhere along the transportation path.

Smarter Solutions for Automotive & Transportation

Sealevel has more than 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing solutions for a wide variety of transportation applications, from employing sensors and cameras to control the flow of automobile traffic on highways, to developing rugged computing products for locomotive management systems, to utilizing data to update the user experience of public transportation, to analyzing decades of trends to perform predictive roadway maintenance.

Sealevel is revolutionizing the way municipalities and companies approach integration and enabling them to adopt predictive maintenance models, operate more efficiently, and realize new revenue streams. From automotive manufacturing to electric bus charge stations to industrial vehicles, Sealevel’s engineering and manufacturing teams have created solutions along the entire transportation path.

Sealevel’s in-house engineering and manufacturing teams have more than 35 years of experience of developing flexible and robust transportation computing and I/O products and solutions, all of which are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty.

Featured Products

Ultra COMM+2.PCIe

Low Profile PCI Express 2-Port RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 Serial Interface


USB to RS-232 DB9 Serial Interface Adapter — 60 inches

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Isolated 7-Port USB Hub

Optically Isolated 7-Port USB Hub

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HazPAC 10 Rugged Panel PC 15″

HazPAC 10 15" Rugged Panel PC Touchscreen

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Ethernet Modbus TCP to 96 Channel TTL Digital Interface

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Relio R1

Relio R1 Industrial Computer - Compact, Rugged, and Configurable

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USB to 8-Port RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 DB9 Serial Interface Adapter

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eI/O PIO-32

Ethernet to 32 Channel TTL Digital I/O Adapter

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SeaConnect 370C

SeaConnect 370C LTE Cellular IIoT Edge Device

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A Sealevel Story About Exceeding Requirements: Transportation

This is the story of a transportation company that needed a reliable solution for a rugged problem… and the only team that could help them make it. A leading provider of cloud-based remote monitoring software and hardware needed a specific solution for event recording and system performance. But finding a vendor that could deliver reliable tech that also met extensive railway certifications was proving to be a difficult task…and then they found Sealevel.

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