GPS and Multi-Zone Monitoring for Transportation


Sealevel partners with the largest food industry redistributor in the United States. They deliver products in refrigerated trucks on a weekly basis to distributors across the country. The customer needed to monitor the temperature in three compartments in their reefer trailers. Each compartment contains either dry goods, refrigerated or frozen products. They wanted to correlate the temperatures with information in their internal databases that identifies what is loaded at any time in each compartment and the required temperature. The customer also wanted to record the time and GPS coordinates of the truck at the time of the reading.

The Solution

Sealevel’s team recommended our SeaConnect 370C IIoT Edge device. With the addition of the SeaConnect 370C, the customer can now achieve multi-zone temperature monitoring and GPS location tracking.  Using cellular and Wi-Fi interfaces, Sealevel created an architecture that sends required information to the customer’s Azure cloud and also provides over-the-air software updates from the SeaCloud IoT cloud software platform.


The Result

Following the deployment of over 250 devices, the immediate results were eye-opening. The availability of the data provides excellent ROI, protects the company by maintaining regulatory compliance and ensures they provide their network of distributors with superior quality.


370C with High-Gain LTE Cellular Sail Antenna Attached

SeaConnect 370C IIoT Edge Device

  • Rugged, industrial IoT edge device to remotely monitor and control the status of real-world processes
  • (2) 12-bit differential A/D inputs, each software configurable for 0-10 VDC or 0-24 mA mode
  • (2) Form C relay outputs, each rated for 30 VDC @ 1A max
  • (4) Digital inputs (wet or dry contact)
  • Convenient 1-Wire® bus interface supports up to ten temperature probes


SeaCloud IoT Cloud Software

  • Secure, robust, scalable IIoT platform designed to track, monitor, analyze and control data from Sealevel I/O devices
  • User-managed multi-tenancy
  • Customizable device dashboard
  • Can be private-labeled and modified by Sealevel to meet specific requirements



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