IIoT Integrators

Our SeaConnect 370 is a proven bolt-on solution that integrates easily with existing technology. And for software, look no further than SeaCloud for complete connectivity – or ask about how we can integrate with your preferred industrial software service.

IIoT integration requires a deep understanding of a customer’s existing hardware in order to capitalize on proven technology and systems. Together with IIoT integrators, Sealevel is revolutionizing the way companies approach IIoT integration and enabling them to adopt predictive maintenance models, operate more efficiently and realize new revenue streams.

From wastewater to the cold chain, we’re proud to work with integrators and companies across industries to improve processes – and communication – by harnessing the power of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Our team embraces the opportunity to work with IIoT integrators to understand customer needs and to address common concerns. We’ll work with you to address top challenges, including:

  • Perceived high investment cost and communicating ROI
  • Retrofitting existing hardware
  • Understanding and implementing cybersecurity

Featured Products

SeaConnect 370W

SeaConnect 370W Wi-Fi IIoT Edge Device

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SeaConnect 370 Restaurant Freezers/Coolers Cold-Chain Monitoring Kit

SeaConnect 370 Restaurant Freezers/Coolers Cold-Chain Monitoring QuickStart Kit

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SeaCloud Cellular

SeaCloud Subscription for Cellular & Wi-Fi SeaConnect Devices, Includes LTE…

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SeaCloud 2.0

Sealevel announces the release of SeaCloud 2.0, the latest version of our secure, robust, Industrial Internet of Things software platform. By leveraging feedback from our existing partners, we’ve successfully integrated tools that not only make for a better user experience today but pave the way for a seamless roll out of future improvements.

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From wide-temperature industrial computers, to I/O intensive fetal monitoring systems, our team continues to develop solutions for unique problems across industries and platforms.