Wastewater Treatment: Testing the Waters with the SeaConnect 370


From time to time, a friend of Sealevel brings interesting opportunities to our team for assessment. Recently this friend introduced us to representatives from a company that manages wastewater facilities for municipalities. Heavily regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), the company must record data from their operation, including pump performance, pressure and flow — and adjust as needed.

Without a dedicated system in place, representatives were making routine visits to each facility their company manages. The remote locations of treatment plants made regular travel between multiple stations time and resource intensive. The wastewater management company wanted a solution that would enable them to monitor and report performance and status without frequent plant visits.

Key Application Requirements

  • Monitors and records pressure readings
  • Senses dry contact closures to assess pump performance
  • Interfaces with a rain gauge to monitor flow
  • Features cellular service with maximum range

The Sealevel Solution

The Sealevel engineering team conducted an on-site visit to best understand the specific needs and challenges for the application. Due to the facility’s size, multiple SeaConnect 370 edge devices were installed. One 370C interfaces with a camera that visually logs the pressure gauge readings. A second 370C on the actual pump senses closures, which indicate the health of the pump or preventative maintenance needs. A third 370C connects to a rain gauge in order to monitor peak flow based on wet weather conditions, which can quickly create operational challenges and even system overflows. The cellular communication chip and ultra-wideband sail antenna increase connectivity, ensuring reliable operation in the most remote locations.

An understanding of specific objectives allowed the Sealevel team to provide a solution that reduces the number of visits while ensuring vital data is continually available. The end result: increased efficiency, intelligence and performance.