White Paper: Introducing Cybersecurity

Introducing Cybersecurity

By Leah VanSyckel, Sealevel Systems, Inc

This is the rule of the data revolution: for every action to store, secure, and use data, there is an equal or greater reaction to steal data. It has been proven repeatedly — as recently as the Equifax data breach. Data has changed from forms and documents to bioinformatics and digital transaction histories. Protection has moved from file cabinets and lockboxes to virtual storage spaces on secluded servers with stringent encryption. Malicious parties have likewise transitioned from physical break-ins to ransomware, DDoS attacks, botnets and other nefarious acts.

Companies are acutely aware of cybersecurity’s importance, especially those operating via cloud and edge computing models or utilizing IIoT technology. The subject has introduced anxiety for business leadership and consumers alike, with few having full confidence about safe engagement in a digital, data-driven age. This white paper will address those concerns, outlining the stages of security, and introduce exciting technology that could ameliorate tension and stymy hackers.

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