Sealevel’s I/O and embedded computing solutions deliver monitoring and control for patient diagnostics, imaging, pharmaceuticals and medical device testing.

Healthcare Hardware Designed for Certification

In collaboration with hospitals, healthcare system integrators and OEMs, Sealevel is committed to providing hardware and software solutions that enable better outcomes for patients and complete reliability within medical operations. With high-performance and medical-grade I/O adapters and certified touchscreen HMIs, our customers confidently expand legacy systems and embrace new technology across the industry from medical device testing to laboratory research to pharmaceutical development and delivery. Together, we’re achieving new standards of care and providing long-term solutions to meet product development and market life needs.

From COM Express-based computing for perinatal surveillance to high-reliability medical device testing, Sealevel’s solutions enable 100% backward compatibility and future-proof capabilities to support emerging healthcare technology.

With our “design for certification” approach, Sealevel ensures that compliance and test are at the forefront of our unmatched engineering and world-class manufacturing practices. We deliver isolated, certified and medical-grade hardware that is designed and manufactured in the USA.

Featured Products

SeaISO USB Isolator

SeaISO Single Port Inline USB Isolator (UL Recognized)

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Rugged SuperSpeed 7-Port USB 3.1 Hub

Rugged SuperSpeed 7-Port USB 3.1 Hub with Battery Charging Downstream…

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USB to RS-232 DB9 Serial Interface Adapter — 60 inches

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Isolated 7-Port USB Hub

Optically Isolated 7-Port USB Hub

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USB to 1-Port RS-485 DB9 Serial Interface Adapter

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Rugged SuperSpeed 4-Port USB 3.1 Hub

Rugged SuperSpeed 4-Port USB 3.1 Hub with Battery Charging Downstream…

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Ethernet to Isolated 1-Port RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 Serial Server with…

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Comparing a Sealevel Blackbox.

If you compare a Sealevel blackbox to someone else’s, you can see the same inputs and outputs. You’ll get accurate readings of the data you need. Both of these devices can support your medical device testing, provide patient surveillance and integrate with point-of-care devices. But what about the things you can’t see?

Like over 35 years of precision engineering, a warranty that’ll outlast your application and a long-term availability commitment.

So when you need a machine that’s more than a blackbox, talk to the team that’s more than a manufacturer.

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