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DB37F to (4) DB9M Cable
DB37F to (4) DB9M Cable

Part# CA143

(DB37F to (4) DB9M Cable)

DB37 Female to (4) DB9 Male, 36 inch Length - for 7402, 7404, 7904, 3440, etc.

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The CA143 is a 36 inch cable with a DB37 female connector that terminates to four DB9 male connectors. This is the replacement for the break-out cable that ships with the 7402, 7404, 7904, and 3440 serial boards. The CA143 optionally adds DB9 connectors to the 7401 and 3405 serial boards.

The CA143 can also be used in certain PC/104 serial installations. Use a CA110 to connect 40-Pin header equipped PC/104 boards to an enclosure, then connect the CA143 to the enclosure to provide four DB9 male serial port connections.
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